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Los Angeles Healthcare Fraud Attorney

Law Office Of Brian A. Newman

Most people are familiar with criminal law on some level from television shows to movies and the daily news, but when you are personally faced with a criminal charge, things may look quite different in real life. Facing a criminal charge of any kind has far-reaching consequences not often shown in the media. Too often a suspect will talk with authorities in an effort to appear as cooperative, even before any charges are brought but that can be a big mistake.

Hands-On Santa Monica Federal Criminal Law Attorney

At the Law Office of Brian A. Newman, they understand that a person accused of a crime will experience a high level of fear and anxiety as the uncertainty of his or her situation can be overwhelming. Mr. Newman takes a personalized approach to each case, working one-on-one with his clients to gain a clear understanding of their particular circumstances. With his extensive experience he knows that no two cases are alike and that each client requires a customized approach to his or her case to mount a successful defense.

Los Angeles Healthcare Fraud Lawyer

In his more than 30 years as a criminal defense attorney with hundreds of federal jury trials to his credit, Mr. Newman understands the tactics used by both state and federal prosecutors when investigating criminal allegations, including healthcare and Medicare fraud. Experience will make a difference in the outcome of your case. Mr. Newman has successfully defended against a wide range of criminal charges, from organized crime, drug crimes, third strikes and child pornography to white collar crimes, including all types of fraud and embezzlement.

As the former president of the Juvenile Court Bar Association, Mr. Newman has firm understanding of what families go through when faced with a criminal allegation. His practice is solely dedicated to the defense of criminal cases in both state and federal Courts.

Contact Brian A. Newman — Experienced, Dedicated Criminal Defense

If you are facing criminal charges, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney with a record of success in handling all manner of offenses. He provides an aggressive defense of your rights while listening to your concerns and the unique circumstances surrounding your particular case. You are innocent until proven guilty, and Brian A. Newman will do everything he can for the best possible outcome in your case.

Contact his Redondo Beach, California, office online or call 800-634-9403 to make an appointment to discuss your case with an attorney who can make a difference.

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