Since 1982, we’ve been helping residents of Los Angeles County resolve important legal issues related to criminal defense, personal injury, and business law.

We’ve acquired a well-deserved reputation as a reliable and trusted partner who offers effective, professional legal services. Many of our friends and neighbors here in Torrance already know about our substantial legal experience when it comes to criminal defense matters (including conducting over 300 criminal jury trials and more than 60 federal appeals on behalf of our clients), but we are also a firm with a proven track record of success in personal injury cases and business law matters, including business entity formation, transactions, and litigation.

One key to our success in obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients is our insistence on familiarizing ourselves with the nuances and unique details of their cases. We avoid cookie-cutter solutions to complex problems and it’s this kind of dedication to our clients that has kept them coming through our doors for more than thirty years. We invite you to schedule a consultation with us and let us help you get started on your legal issue today. Don’t delay! When it comes to an important legal issue like an arrest or an injury, any time lost is valuable time wasted in helping you secure the results you are looking for. Call the Law Office of Brian A. Newman to speak with an honest, capable Torrance attorney who has the experience and dedication you need to take on a challenging legal matter. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your situation. All it takes is a phone call to get started! Call today.

Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

If you’ve been recently charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense in Torrance or elsewhere in Los Angeles County, you need to take action as quickly as possible to protect your rights and your liberty. At the Law Office of Brian A. Newman, we can help shield you from the consequences of a conviction for a crime, including prison time, expensive fines, and mandatory counseling and community service. Prosecutors are already hard at work seeking ways to convict you; however, by getting an aggressive Torrance criminal defense lawyer involved, you can greatly increase the likelihood of beating your charges or having them thrown out of court. We offer over 30 years of experience in helping our Los Angeles County clients fight their criminal charge and have conducted over 300 jury trials and 60 federal appeals before the 9th Circuit Court on their behalf. Whether your arrest involved allegations of health care fraud, drunk driving, weapons crimes, drug crimes, federal crimes, domestic violence, or traffic violations, we want to hear about it today. We also offer dedicated legal representation for juveniles who are accused of delinquent acts in Los Angeles County; in fact, Brian A. Newman served as president of the California Juvenile Court Bar Association and offers substantial experience in all matters relating to juvenile crimes. Contact us today to get started on safeguarding your rights and your liberty after an arrest. Remember: make no statements to law enforcement officials about your situation. Invoke your right to remain silent and call a skilled Los Angeles County criminal defense attorney.

Personal Injury

Any time that an individual suffers unnecessarily because of another person or party’s recklessness or criminal behavior, they have the right to seek financial justice through the civil courts for their injuries. This process usually begins with the victim filing an insurance claim against those responsible. Most personal injury cases can be resolved through negotiations; however, when the victim and the claims examiner involved cannot come to an agreement, litigation becomes necessary. If you’ve been involved in a bad automobile wreck, a slip and fall incident, or other accident in Torrance or elsewhere in Los Angeles County, the best way to see that your insurance claim is accepted is to partner with a knowledgeable Los Angeles County personal injury attorney right away. The process of filing and negotiating an insurance claim is very complicated and insurance companies are naturally experts at finding ways to deny, reduce, or delay legitimate claims for the sake of their bottom line. A seasoned Torrance personal injury lawyer can keep claims examiners and other parties acting in good faith while your claim is pending. As a victim of an accident that you were not wholly responsible for, you have the right to demand fair compensation for medical bills and lost income as well as for the pain and suffering you have endured. At the Law Office of Brian A. Newman, we make it our mission to see that accident victims receive the maximum financial compensation to which they are entitled under California state law. We also assist survivors with filing wrongful death claims and survival actions. Call today.

Business Law

If you’re a business owner in Torrance or in another community in Los Angeles County, you know how much work it takes to stay competitive and relevant. Besides making sure that you’re offering your customers quality products and services, you have to stay on top of marketing, accounting, customer service, and payroll. Essentially, you may not be fully informed about the legal tools available to you as a small business owner when it comes to helping your business thrive in a dynamic environment. No matter what stage your business happens to be at, the Law Office of Brian A. Newman can help you make sure that you’re doing everything possible to keep your operation running smoothly - and profitably. We offer effective and affordable solutions for business entrepreneurs including assistance with business entity formation, overseeing transactions and contracts, and representing them during litigation when disputes arise. We’ll make sure that you understand your rights and your options thoroughly before making any important legal decisions concerning your enterprise, and we’ll be there for you as long as necessary to protect your interests and see that you don’t become a victim of fraud, misrepresentation, or other acts of bad faith. Call the Law Office of Brian A. Newman today to make an appointment with a savvy Torrance business law lawyer. We love seeing our small business clients here in Los Angeles County grow and prosper. Contact the Law Office of Brian A. Newman. There's no time like the present to start putting yourself ahead of the competition.